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    CSS Properties Reference

    Common CSS Properties Reference

    The following is a basic list of the most common CSS properties with the equivalent of the DOM notation which is usually accessed from JavaScript:

    Note:  This list is incomplete. For more CSS properties see /en/CSS_Reference and /en/CSS_Reference/Mozilla_Extensions. For examples on how to use these properties see /en/DOM/CSS
    CSS JavaScript
    background background
    background-attachment backgroundAttachment
    background-color backgroundColor
    background-image backgroundImage
    background-position backgroundPosition
    background-repeat backgroundRepeat
    border border
    border-bottom borderBottom
    border-bottom-color borderBottomColor
    border-bottom-style borderBottomStyle
    border-bottom-width borderBottomWidth
    border-color borderColor
    border-left borderLeft
    border-left-color borderLeftColor
    border-left-style borderLeftStyle
    border-left-width borderLeftWidth
    border-right borderRight
    border-right-color borderRightColor
    border-right-style borderRightStyle
    border-right-width borderRightWidth
    border-style borderStyle
    border-top borderTop
    border-top-color borderTopColor
    border-top-style borderTopStyle
    border-top-width borderTopWidth
    border-width borderWidth
    clear clear
    clip clip
    color color
    cursor cursor
    display display
    filter filter
    font font
    font-family fontFamily
    font-size fontSize
    font-variant fontVariant
    font-weight fontWeight
    height height
    left left
    letter-spacing letterSpacing
    line-height lineHeight
    list-style listStyle
    list-style-image listStyleImage
    list-style-position listStylePosition
    list-style-type listStyleType
    margin margin
    margin-bottom marginBottom
    margin-left marginLeft
    margin-right marginRight
    margin-top marginTop
    overflow overflow
    padding padding
    padding-bottom paddingBottom
    padding-left paddingLeft
    padding-right paddingRight
    padding-top paddingTop
    page-break-after pageBreakAfter
    page-break-before pageBreakBefore
    position position
    float cssFloat
    text-align textAlign
    text-decoration textDecoration
    text-decoration: blink textDecorationBlink
    text-decoration: line-through textDecorationLineThrough
    text-decoration: none textDecorationNone
    text-decoration: overline textDecorationOverline
    text-decoration: underline textDecorationUnderline
    text-indent textIndent
    text-transform textTransform
    top top
    vertical-align verticalAlign
    visibility visibility
    width width
    z-index zIndex


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