The outline-color CSS property sets the color of an element's outline. An outline is a line that is drawn around an element, outside the border. Unlike the element's border, the outline is drawn outside the element's frame, and may overlap other content. The border, on the other hand, will actually alter the page's layout to ensure that it fits without overlapping anything else (unless you explicitly set it to overlap).

It is often more convenient to use the shorthand property outline when defining the appearance of an outline.

/* <color> values */
outline-color: #f92525;
outline-color: rgb(30,222,121);
outline-color: blue;

/* Keyword value */
outline-color: invert;

/* Global values */
outline-color: inherit;
outline-color: initial;
outline-color: unset;

Initial valueinvert, for browsers supporting it, currentColor for the other
Applies toall elements
Mediavisual, interactive
Computed valueFor the keyword invert, the computed value is invert. For the color value, if the value is translucent, the computed value will be the rgba() corresponding one. If it isn't, it will be the rgb() corresponding one. The transparent keyword maps to rgba(0,0,0,0).
Animation typea color
Canonical orderthe unique non-ambiguous order defined by the formal grammar


The outline-color property is specified as any one of the values listed below.


The color of the outline, specified as a <color>.
To ensure the outline is visible, performs a color inversion of the background. Note that browsers are not required to support this value; if they don't, this keyword is considered invalid.

Formal syntax

<color> | invert

<color> = <rgb()> | <rgba()> | <hsl()> | <hsla()> | <hex-color> | <named-color> | currentcolor | <deprecated-system-color>

<rgb()> = rgb( [ [ <percentage>{3} | <number>{3} ] [ / <alpha-value> ]? ] | [ [ <percentage>#{3} | <number>#{3} ] , <alpha-value>? ] )
<rgba()> = rgba( [ [ <percentage>{3} | <number>{3} ] [ / <alpha-value> ]? ] | [ [ <percentage>#{3} | <number>#{3} ] , <alpha-value>? ] )
<hsl()> = hsl( [ <hue> <percentage> <percentage> [ / <alpha-value> ]? ] | [ <hue>, <percentage>, <percentage>, <alpha-value>? ] )
<hsla()> = hsla( [ <hue> <percentage> <percentage> [ / <alpha-value> ]? ] | [ <hue>, <percentage>, <percentage>, <alpha-value>? ] )

<alpha-value> = <number> | <percentage>
<hue> = <number> | <angle>



<p>My outline is blue, as you can see.</p>


p {
  outline: 2px solid;      /* Set the outline width and style */
  outline-color: #0000FF;  /* Make the outline blue */
  margin: 5px;


Specification Status Comment
CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3
The definition of 'outline-color' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation No change.
CSS Transitions
The definition of 'outline-color' in that specification.
Working Draft Defines outline-color as animatable.
CSS Level 2 (Revision 1)
The definition of 'outline-color' in that specification.
Recommendation Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Edge Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
Basic support 1.0 (Yes) 1.5 (1.8) [1] 8.0 7.0 1.2 (125)
invert value No support ? No support [2] 8.0 No support [3] No support
Feature Android Edge Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support ? (Yes) ? ? ? ?

[1] In versions previous to Gecko 1.8: -moz-outline-color.

[2] Support had been dropped in version 3.0 (1.9).

[3] Supported in Opera 7 but support was dropped in  Opera 15 with the adoption of Chromium/Blink engine.

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