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Introducing the MDN HTTP Observatory title, with a pretty starry night sky background, a telescope, and a security shield

Introducing the MDN HTTP Observatory

Author avatarHermina Condei7 minute read

First released in 2016, the HTTP Observatory became popular in the web community with a combination of helpful security audits and educational material. Fast forward to 2024, and we are delighted to announce that Observatory's new home is MDN. Read on to find out more about what this entails, and give the HTTP Observatory a warm welcome!

New JavaScript Set methods title. A vibrant gradient with a JavaScript logo in the bottom-left corner and a venn diagram in the top-right corner.

New JavaScript Set methods

Author avatarBrian Smith6 minute read

New JavaScript Set methods are landing across browsers. Learn about sets, how you can use these methods to compare different sets, create new sets with specific properties, and more.

Using the Page Visibility API title. A vibrant gradient background with artwork of a laptop in the top-right corner and a JavaScript logo in the bottom-left corner.

Using the Page Visibility API

Author avatarBrian Smith6 minute read

This post takes a look at what page visibility is, how you can use the Page Visibility API in your applications, and describes pitfalls to avoid if you build features around this functionality.

A year of publishing the MDN blog title. A vibrant gradient behind artwork representing different web technologies and categories including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, accessibility, and a running computer terminal.

A year of publishing the MDN Blog

Author avatarThe MDN Team5 minute read

We've been writing about web development and the web platform on the MDN Blog since May 2023. Here's our highlights and top posts along with our favorites.

Interop 2023 MDN updates title. A vibrant gradient behind artwork representing mechanical compatibility in the top right corner and an upwards-trending graph in the bottom left corner.

Interop 2023: MDN updates

Author avatarBrian Smith6 minute read

Interop 2023 has successfully concluded, and the Interop 2024 project is now officially underway. Learn what Interop is, discover the updates from Interop 2023 now on MDN, and find out what's coming to the web next.

MDN Observatory 2.0 title. Coming soon subtitle. Gradient background with icon of a lock and an icon of a server and shield.

Coming Soon: MDN Observatory 2.0

Author avatarThe MDN Team1 minute read

Observatory 2.0 is launching soon as part of the Mozilla Developer Network as the MDN Observatory with new security scoring standards and other exciting updates.

A group of pink-colored birds with wings outstretched flying in a formation, against a backdrop of a blue sky.

Migrating from GitHub to GitLab seamlessly: A step-by-step guide

Author avatarGitLab10 minute read

Thinking about making the move from GitHub to GitLab? This guide demystifies the migration process, addressing common concerns for DevSecOps teams that are looking to seamlessly transition between the two platforms. This post provides a step-by-step guided tutorial on how to migrate your data from GitHub into GitLab.

A mandala pattern created out of plain text characters.

Reflections on AI Explain: A postmortem

Author avatarThe MDN Team10 minute read

We recently launched a feature called AI Explain, but we have rolled this back for now. In this post, we look into the story behind AI Explain: its development, launch, and the reasons that led us to press the pause button.

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