The StyleSheetList interface represents a list of CSSStyleSheet objects. An instance of this object can be returned by Document.styleSheets.

It is an array-like object but can't be iterated over using Array methods. However it can be iterated over in a standard for loop over its indices, or converted to an Array.


StyleSheetList.lengthRead only

Returns the number of CSSStyleSheet objects in the collection.



Returns the CSSStyleSheet object at the index passed in, or null if no item exists for that index.


Get CSSStyleSheet objects with for loop

let i, styleSheet, styleSheets, styleSheetsNo;
i = 0;
styleSheets = document.styleSheets;
styleSheetsNo = styleSheets.length;

for (i; i < styleSheetsNo; i++) {
  styleSheet = styleSheets[i];

Get all CSS rules for the document using Array methods

const allCSS = [...document.styleSheets]
  .map(styleSheet => {
    try {
      return [...styleSheet.cssRules]
        .map(rule => rule.cssText)
    } catch (e) {
      console.log('Access to stylesheet %s is denied. Ignoring...', styleSheet.href);


CSS Object Model (CSSOM)
# the-stylesheetlist-interface

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