The font-variant CSS shorthand property allows you to set all the font variants for a font.

You can also set the CSS Level 2 (Revision 1) values of font-variant, (that is, normal or small-caps), by using the font shorthand.

Constituent properties

This property is a shorthand for the following CSS properties:


font-variant: small-caps;
font-variant: common-ligatures small-caps;

/* Global values */
font-variant: inherit;
font-variant: initial;
font-variant: revert;
font-variant: unset;



Specifies a normal font face; each of the longhand properties has an initial value of normal. Longhand properties of font-variant are: font-variant-caps, font-variant-numeric, font-variant-alternates, font-variant-ligatures, and font-variant-east-asian.


Sets the value of the font-variant-ligatures to none and the values of the other longhand property as normal, their initial value.

<common-lig-values>, <discretionary-lig-values>, <historical-lig-values>, <contextual-alt-values>

Specifies the keywords related to the font-variant-ligatures longhand property. The possible values are: common-ligatures, no-common-ligatures, discretionary-ligatures, no-discretionary-ligatures, historical-ligatures, no-historical-ligatures, contextual, and no-contextual.

stylistic(), historical-forms, styleset(), character-variant(), swash(), ornaments(), annotation()

Specifies the keywords and functions related to the font-variant-alternates longhand property.

small-caps, all-small-caps, petite-caps, all-petite-caps, unicase, titling-caps

Specifies the keywords and functions related to the font-variant-caps longhand property.

<numeric-figure-values>, <numeric-spacing-values>, <numeric-fraction-values>, ordinal, slashed-zero

Specifies the keywords related to the font-variant-numeric longhand property. The possible values are:  lining-nums, oldstyle-nums, proportional-nums, tabular-nums, diagonal-fractions, stacked-fractions, ordinal, and slashed-zero.

<east-asian-variant-values>, <east-asian-width-values>, ruby

Specifies the keywords related to the font-variant-east-asian longhand property. The possible values are: jis78, jis83, jis90, jis04, simplified, traditional, full-width, proportional-width, ruby.

Formal definition

Initial valuenormal
Applies toall elements. It also applies to ::first-letter and ::first-line.
Computed valueas specified
Animation typediscrete

Formal syntax

normal | none | [ <common-lig-values> || <discretionary-lig-values> || <historical-lig-values> || <contextual-alt-values> || stylistic( <feature-value-name> ) || historical-forms || styleset( <feature-value-name># ) || character-variant( <feature-value-name># ) || swash( <feature-value-name> ) || ornaments( <feature-value-name> ) || annotation( <feature-value-name> ) || [ small-caps | all-small-caps | petite-caps | all-petite-caps | unicase | titling-caps ] || <numeric-figure-values> || <numeric-spacing-values> || <numeric-fraction-values> || ordinal || slashed-zero || <east-asian-variant-values> || <east-asian-width-values> || ruby ]

<common-lig-values> = [ common-ligatures | no-common-ligatures ]
<discretionary-lig-values> = [ discretionary-ligatures | no-discretionary-ligatures ]
<historical-lig-values> = [ historical-ligatures | no-historical-ligatures ]
<contextual-alt-values> = [ contextual | no-contextual ]
<feature-value-name> = <custom-ident>
<numeric-figure-values> = [ lining-nums | oldstyle-nums ]
<numeric-spacing-values> = [ proportional-nums | tabular-nums ]
<numeric-fraction-values> = [ diagonal-fractions | stacked-fractions ]
<east-asian-variant-values> = [ jis78 | jis83 | jis90 | jis04 | simplified | traditional ]
<east-asian-width-values> = [ full-width | proportional-width ]


Setting the small-caps font variant


<p class="normal">Firefox rocks!</p>
<p class="small">Firefox rocks!</p>


p.normal {
  font-variant: normal;
p.small {
  font-variant: small-caps;



CSS Fonts Module Level 4 (CSS Fonts 4)
# font-variant-prop

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