The math-depth property describes a notion of depth for each element of a mathematical formula, with respect to the top-level container of that formula. This is used to scale the computed value of the font-size of elements when font-size: math is applied.

Note: font-size: math is the default for <math> elements in the MathML Core User Agent stylesheet, so it's not necessary to specify it explicitly.


/* Keyword values */
math-depth: auto-add;

/* Relative values */
math-depth: add(2);
math-depth: add(-2);

/* Absolute value */
math-depth: 4;

/* Global values */
math-depth: inherit;
math-depth: initial;
math-depth: revert;
math-depth: revert-layer;
math-depth: unset;



Set to the inherited math-depth plus 1 when inherited math-style is compact.


Set to the inherited math-depth plus the specified integer.


Set to the specified integer.

Formal definition

Initial value0
Applies toall elements
Computed valueas specified
Animation typeNot animatable

Formal syntax

math-depth = 
auto-add |
add( <integer> ) |


Specifying a math depth

The following example shows the effect of changing the math-depth property on the font size of subformulas. The numbers in each subformula indicate the math-depth and scale factor applied.

The first <mtext> element is used as a reference to other subformulas and has no specific styles applied. The second and third subformulas have math-depth set to auto-add and show the effect of scaling depending on the math-style.

The last two subformulas show the effect of setting math-depth to a specific value.


<p style="font-size: 3rem; margin: 1rem 0">

    <!-- auto-add value has no effect when math-style is normal -->
    <mrow style="math-style: normal">
      <mrow style="math-depth: auto-add">

    <!-- the inherited math-style is compact, so math-depth is set to 1 -->
    <mrow style="math-depth: auto-add">

    <mrow style="math-depth: add(2)">
      <mrow style="math-depth: add(-1)">
      <mrow style="math-depth: 0">



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# the-math-script-level-property

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