The font-feature-settings CSS descriptor allows you to define the initial settings to use for the font defined by the @font-face at-rule. You can further use this descriptor to control typographic font features such as ligatures, small caps, and swashes, for the font defined by @font-face. The values for this descriptor are the same as the font-feature-settings property, except for the global keyword values.

Since this descriptor sets feature values on the font object in the @font-face at-rule and not on an entire element, only some glyphs in an element may be rendered using this descriptor.


/* Use the default settings */
font-feature-settings: normal;

/* Set values for OpenType feature tags */
font-feature-settings: "smcp";
font-feature-settings: "smcp" on;
font-feature-settings: "swsh" 2;


This descriptor is specified as either the keyword normal or as a comma-separated list of <feature-tag-value> values. When rendering text, the list of OpenType <feature-tag-value> values are passed to the text layout engine to enable or disable font features.


Indicates that text is laid out using default font settings. This is the default value.


Represents a space-separated tuple consisting of a tag name and an optional value.

The tag name is always a <string> of four ASCII characters. If the tag name has more or fewer characters or if it contains characters outside the U+20U+7E code point range, the descriptor is invalid.

The optional value can be a positive integer or the keyword on or off. The keywords on and off are synonyms for the values 1 and 0, respectively. If no value is set, the default is 1. For non-boolean OpenType features (e.g., stylistic alternates), the value implies a particular glyph to be selected; for boolean features, the value turns the feature on or off.

Formal definition

Formal syntax

font-feature-settings = 
normal |

<feature-tag-value> =
<opentype-tag> [ <integer [0,∞]> | on | off ]?

<opentype-tag> =


Enabling swash glyphs using the @font-face at-rule

In this example, the tag name swsh and a boolean value 1 are used as the value for the font-feature-settings descriptor in the @font-face at-rule.


<p class="swashoff">Swash is off here</p>
<p class="swashon">Swash is on here</p>


@font-face {
  font-family: MonteCarlo;
  src: url("montecarlo-regular.woff2");
@font-face {
  font-family: MonteCarlo2;
  src: url("montecarlo-regular.woff2");
  font-feature-settings: "swsh" 1;
p {
  font-size: 3rem;
  margin: 0.7rem 3rem;
.swashoff {
  font-family: MonteCarlo;
.swashon {
  font-family: MonteCarlo2;


Line 1 shows the default ornate design of the MonteCarlo font, and line 2 shows the default glyphs being replaced with swash glyphs.


CSS Fonts Module Level 4
# font-rend-desc

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