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Since January 2022, this feature works across the latest devices and browser versions. This feature might not work in older devices or browsers.

The font-synthesis shorthand CSS property lets you specify whether or not the browser may synthesize the bold, italic, small-caps, and/or subscript and superscript typefaces when they are missing in the specified font-family.

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Constituent properties

This property is a shorthand for the following CSS properties:


/* none or one or more of the other keyword values */
font-synthesis: none;
font-synthesis: weight;
font-synthesis: style;
font-synthesis: position;
font-synthesis: small-caps style; /* property values can be in any order */
font-synthesis: style small-caps weight position; /* property values can be in any order */

/* Global values */
font-synthesis: inherit;
font-synthesis: initial;
font-synthesis: revert;
font-synthesis: revert-layer;
font-synthesis: unset;



Indicates that no bold, italic, or small-caps typeface may be synthesized by the browser.


Indicates that the missing bold typeface may be synthesized by the browser if needed.


Indicates that the italic typeface may be synthesized by the browser if needed.


Indicates that the small-caps typeface may be synthesized by the browser if needed.


Indicates that the subscript and superscript typeface may be synthesized by the browser, if needed, when using font-variant-position.


Most standard Western fonts include italic and bold variants, and some fonts include a small-caps and subscript/superscript variants. However, many fonts do not. Fonts used for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other logographic scripts tend not to include these variants and synthesizing them might impede the legibility or change the meaning of the text. In these cases, it may be desirable to switch off the browser's default font-synthesis.

For example, using the :lang() pseudo-class, you can disable the browser from synthesizing bold and oblique characters for a language, in this case Arabic:

*:lang(ar) {
  font-synthesis: none;

The table below shows how a value of the shorthand font-synthesis property maps to the constituent longhand properties.

font-synthesis value font-synthesis-weight value font-synthesis-style value font-synthesis-small-caps value font-synthesis-position value
none none none none none
weight auto none none none
style none auto none none
small-caps none none auto none
position none none none auto
weight style auto auto none none
weight small-caps auto none auto none
weight position auto none none auto
style small-caps none auto auto none
style position none auto none auto
weight style small-caps auto auto auto none
weight style position auto auto none auto
weight small-caps position auto none auto auto
style small-caps position none auto auto auto
weight style small-caps position auto auto auto auto

Formal definition

Initial valueweight style small-caps position
Applies toall elements and text. It also applies to ::first-letter and ::first-line.
Computed valueas specified
Animation typediscrete

Formal syntax

font-synthesis = 
none |
[ weight || style || small-caps || position ]


Disabling font synthesis

This example shows the browser's default font-synthesis behavior and compares it with when the synthesis behavior is turned off. Notice that the example uses two imported fonts to demonstrate this behavior. You might not be able to replicate turning off of font-synthesis on fonts available on your operating system by default.


<pre> DEFAULT </pre>
<p class="english">
  This font supports <strong>bold</strong> and <em>italic</em>.
<p class="chinese">这个字体支持<strong>加粗</strong><em>斜体</em></p>
<br />

<p class="english no-syn">
  This font supports <strong>bold</strong> and <em>italic.</em>
<p class="chinese no-syn">这个字体支持<strong>加粗</strong><em>斜体</em></p>
<br />

<p class="english">
  This font supports <strong>bold</strong> and <em>italic</em>.
<p class="chinese syn">这个字体支持<strong>加粗</strong><em>斜体</em></p>


@import url("");
@import url("");

.english {
  font-family: "Montserrat", sans-serif;
.chinese {
  font-family: "Ma Shan Zheng";
.no-syn {
  font-synthesis: none;
.syn {
  font-synthesis: style weight;



CSS Fonts Module Level 4
# font-synthesis

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