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The initial-letter-align CSS property specifies the alignment of initial letters within a paragraph.

/* Keyword values */
initial-letter-align: auto;
initial-letter-align: alphabetic;
initial-letter-align: hanging;
initial-letter-align: ideographic;

/* Global values */
initial-letter-align: inherit;
initial-letter-align: initial;
initial-letter-align: unset;
Initial valueauto
Applies to::first-letter pseudo-elements and inline-level first child of a block container
Computed valueas specified
Animation typediscrete
Canonical orderthe unique non-ambiguous order defined by the formal grammar


One of the keyword values listed below.


The user agent selects the value which corresponds to the language of the text. Western languages would default to alphabetic, CJK languages to ideographic, and some Indic languages to hanging.
As described above, the cap height of the initial letter aligns with the cap height of the first line of text. The baseline of the initial letter aligns with the baseline of the Nth text baseline.
The hanging baseline of the initial letter aligns with the hanging baseline of the first line of text.
The initial letter is centered in the N-line area.

Formal syntax

[ auto | alphabetic | hanging | ideographic ]


Specification Status Comment
CSS Inline Layout
The definition of 'initial-letter-align' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition

Browser compatibility

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Experimental. Expect behavior to change in the future.
Experimental. Expect behavior to change in the future.