The flex-flow CSS property is a shorthand property for flex-direction and flex-wrap individual properties.

Initial valueas each of the properties of the shorthand:
Applies toflex containers
Computed valueas each of the properties of the shorthand:
Canonical orderorder of appearance in the formal grammar of the values

See Using CSS flexible boxes for more properties and information.


/* flex-flow: <'flex-direction'> */
flex-flow: row;
flex-flow: row-reverse;
flex-flow: column;
flex-flow: column-reverse;

/* flex-flow: <'flex-wrap'> */
flex-flow: nowrap;
flex-flow: wrap;
flex-flow: wrap-reverse;

/* flex-flow: <'flex-direction'> and <'flex-wrap'> */
flex-flow: row nowrap;
flex-flow: column wrap;
flex-flow: column-reverse wrap-reverse;

/* Global values */
flex-flow: inherit;
flex-flow: initial;
flex-flow: unset;


See flex-direction and flex-wrap for details on the values.

Formal syntax

<'flex-direction'> || <'flex-wrap'>


element { 
  /* Main-axis is the block direction with reversed main-start and main-end. Flex items are laid out in multiple lines */
  flex-flow: column-reverse wrap;            


Specification Status Comment
CSS Flexible Box Layout Module
The definition of 'flex-flow' in that specification.
Last Call Working Draft Initial definition

Browser compatibility

Feature Firefox (Gecko) Chrome Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support 28.0 21.0-webkit
11 12.10 6.1-webkit
Feature Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Android IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support 28.0 ? 11 12.10 7.1-webkit

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