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MDN Web Docs is an open-source, collaborative project documenting Web platform technologies, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Web APIs. We also provide an extensive set of learning resources for beginning developers and students.

MDN's mission is to provide a blueprint for a better internet and empower a new generation of developers and content creators to build it.

We're always striving to connect developers more seamlessly with the tools and information they need to easily build projects on the open Web. Since our beginnings in 2005, Mozilla and the community have amassed around 45,000 pages of free, open-source content.

Independent and unbiased - across browsers and technologies

This guiding principle has made MDN Web Docs the go-to repository of independent information for developers, regardless of brand, browser or platform. We are an open community of devs, writers, and other technologists building resources for a better Web, with over 17 million monthly MDN users from all over the world. Anyone can contribute, and each of the 45,000 individuals who have done so over the past decades has strengthened and improved the resource. We also receive content contributions from our partners, including Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Igalia, W3C and others. Together we continue to drive innovation on the Web and serve the common good.

Accurate and vetted for quality

Through our GitHub documentation repository, contributors can make changes, submit pull requests, have their contributions reviewed and then merged with existing content. Through this workflow, we welcome the vast knowledge and experience of our developer community while maintaining a high level of quality, accurate content.

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