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The translateZ() CSS function moves the element along the z-axis of the 3D space. This transformation is characterized by a <length> defining how much it moves.

translateZ(tz) is a shorthand for translate3d(0, 0, tz).




Is a <length> representing the z-component of the translating vector. It can't be a <percentage> value; in that case the property containing the transform is considered invalid.
Cartesian coordinates on ℝ2 Homogeneous coordinates on ℝℙ2 Cartesian coordinates on ℝ3 Homogeneous coordinates on ℝℙ3
This transform applies to the 3D space and cannot be represented on the plane. A translation is not a linear transform in ℝ3 and cannot be represented using a matrix in the Cartesian coordinates system. 10000100001t0001



<p class="transformed">bar</p>


p { 
  width: 50px;
  height: 50px;
  background-color: teal;

.transformed {
  /* Adding a perspective to create a 3d space */
  /* The user is looking "from" 500px and we */
  /* push the element forward (toward the user) */
  /* by 200px */
  transform: perspective(500px) translateZ(200px);


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