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The view-transition-name CSS property provides the selected element with a distinct identifying name (a <custom-ident>) and causes it to participate in a separate view transition from the root view transition — or no view transition if the none value is specified.


/* <custom-ident> value examples */
view-transition-name: header;
view-transition-name: figure-caption;

/* Keyword value */
view-transition-name: none;



A distinct identifying name that causes the selected element to participate in a separate view transition from the root view transition. The identifier must be unique. If two rendered elements have the same view-transition-name at the same time, ViewTransition.ready will reject and the transition will be skipped.


The selected element will not participate in a view transition.

Formal definition

Initial valuenone
Applies toall elements
Computed valueas specified
Animation typediscrete

Formal syntax

view-transition-name = 
none |


figcaption {
  view-transition-name: figure-caption;


CSS View Transitions Module Level 1
# view-transition-name-prop

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