The oklab() functional notation expresses a given color in the Oklab color space. Oklab represents the entire range of color that humans can see.


oklab(40.1% 0.1143 0.045);
oklab(59.69% 0.1007 0.1191);
oklab(59.69% 0.1007 0.1191 / .5);


Functional notation: oklab(L a b [/ A])

L specifies the perceived lightness, and is a <percentage> between 0% representing black and 100% representing white.

The second argument a is the distance along the a axis in the Oklab colorspace.

The third argument b is the distance along the b axis in the Oklab colorspace.

A (alpha) can be a <number> between 0 and 1, or a <percentage>, where the number 1 corresponds to 100% (full opacity).


CSS Color Module Level 4
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