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  • Web Push notifications from Irssi

    Our main communication tool at Mozilla is IRC. I’m running an IRC client called Irssi under screen on a server constantly connected to the network. It’s a close-to-perfect solution with only two outstanding issues for me. One is the lack of emoji characters (I can live with that). The other ...

  • Offline Web Apps on GitHub Pages

    Service Workers are a response to the problems of Application Cache, and they’re a powerful and elegant way to offline your web app. But they’re also more complex to implement and maintain. Meanwhile, GitHub Pages is a great, simple static host for offline-first apps. But deploying apps to GitHub Pages ...

  • An Update on Web Components and Firefox

    Web Components is an umbrella term for four technologies that aim to make UI development easier and more modular. It has been in development since about 2011: a very long time for Internet standards! All the specifications have been changing constantly as more vendors have started implementing them, and also ...

  • Offline Recipes for Service Workers

    “Offline” is a big topic these days, especially as many web apps look to also function as mobile apps. The original offline helper API, the Application Cache API (also known as “appcache”), has a host of problems, many of which can be found in Jake Archibald’s Application Cache is a ...

  • WebRTC: Sending DTMF in Firefox

    One of the features defined in WebRTC is the ability to send DTMF tones (popularly known in some markets as “touch tones”). While this has basically no purpose in the browser-to-browser case, it is somewhat important when using WebRTC to initiate calls to the legacy telephone network: many companies still ...

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