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  • Developer Edition 54: New inspector and debugger features, MDN help in the netmonitor, and more

    A roundup of great new developer tool features and fixes released in Firefox Developer Edition 54 - for debugging, inspecting, monitoring, and generally making your workflow smarter and better.

  • A practitioner’s perspective on A-Frame: —Interview with Roland Dubois

    There is a growing awareness and interest in WebVR among Web developers, and as a result, high-level tools and libraries are emerging to populate the JavaScript ecosystem. One of the libraries is A-Frame, supported by Mozilla. A-Frame simplifies the boilerplate required to start creating virtual reality experiences, and uses HTML ...

  • A Saturday Night: Track and record movement in WebVR

    Mozilla’s WebVR team has released a fun new virtual reality demo called A Saturday Night. Put your VR headset on, perform a dance, and share it with the world!

  • A new CSS Grid demo on

    With CSS Grid shipping across browsers this spring (already in Firefox 52 and Chrome 57; Safari, and hopefully Edge, soon to follow) some of Mozilla's in-house designers and developers decided to experiment with the technology on The result is a live demo site that shows CSS Grid features and ...

  • Internationalize your keyboard controls

    Recently I came across two lovely new graphical demos, and in both cases, the controls would not work on my French AZERTY keyboard. There was the wonderful WebGL 2 technological demo After The Flood, and the very cute Alpaca Peck. Shaw was nice enough to fix the latter when I ...

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