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  • Implementing Air Mozilla’s Related Events Feature

    Editor’s note: It’s not often that we hear from web developers and software engineers at the start their careers here on the Hacks blog. This post is a great reminder of what it’s like. Mozilla participates in Outreachy, and offers internship opportunities to bring women and other under-represented groups into ...

  • Scroll snapping explained

    Scroll snapping Have you ever tried to snap your page’s contents after scrolling? There are many JavaScript libraries out there providing this functionality. Here are a few examples: As this is a common use case related to page layout and behavior, the W3C has published a ...

  • Flash-Free Clipboard for the Web

    As part of our effort to grow the Web platform and make it accessible to new devices, we are trying to reduce the Web’s dependence on Flash. As part of that effort, we are standardizing and exposing useful features which are currently only available to Flash to the entirety of ...

  • Developer Edition 42: Wifi Debugging, Win10, Multiprocess Firefox, ReactJS tools, and more

    Firefox 42 has arrived! In this release, we put a lot of effort into the quality and polish of the Developer Edition browser. Although many of the bugs resolved this release don’t feature in the Release Notes, these small fixes make the tools faster and more stable. But there’s still ...

  • ES6 In Depth: The Future

    ES6 In Depth is a series on new features being added to the JavaScript programming language in the 6th Edition of the ECMAScript standard, ES6 for short. Last week’s article on ES6 modules wrapped up a 4-month survey of the major new features in ES6. This post covers over a ...

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