A glyph defines a single glyph in an SVG font.

Usage context

Categories Text content element
Permitted content Any number of the following elements, in any order:
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<a>, <altglyphdef>, <clippath>, <color-profile>, <cursor>, <filter>, <font>, <font-face>, <foreignobject>, <image>, <marker>, <mask>, <pattern>, <script>, <style>, <switch>, <text>, <view>
Normative document SVG 1.1 (2nd Edition)


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<svg width="400px" height="300px" version="1.1"
  xmlns = ''>
<!-- Example copied from -->

    <font id="Font1" horiz-adv-x="1000">
      <font-face font-family="Super Sans" font-weight="bold" font-style="normal"
          units-per-em="1000" cap-height="600" x-height="400"
          ascent="700" descent="300"
          alphabetic="0" mathematical="350" ideographic="400" hanging="500">
          <font-face-name name="Super Sans Bold"/>

      <missing-glyph><path d="M0,0h200v200h-200z"/></missing-glyph>
      <glyph unicode="!" horiz-adv-x="80" d="M0,0h200v200h-200z"></glyph>
      <glyph unicode="@" d="M0,50l100,300l400,100z"></glyph>

  <text x="100" y="100" 
           style="font-family: 'Super Sans', Helvetica, sans-serif;
                  font-weight: bold; font-style: normal">Text 
    using embe@dded font!</text>


Global attributes

Specific attributes

DOM Interface

This element implements the SVGGlyphElement interface.

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