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    This is an experimental technology
    Because this technology's specification has not stabilized, check the compatibility table for the proper prefixes to use in various browsers. Also note that the syntax and behavior of an experimental technology is subject to change in future versions of browsers as the spec changes.


    De image-rendering CSS waarde verteld de browser op welke manier het schalen (groter en kleiner) van afbeeldingen afgehandeld moet worden. De ingestelde waarde heeft effect op alle afbeeldingen in het element, maar heeft geen invloed op niet geschaalde afbeeldingen. Bijvoorbeeld, als een afbeelding van 100x100px aangepast word naar 200x200px (of 50x50px), dan zal de afbeelding vergroot (of verkleind) worden met het gekozen algoritme. Schalen kan ook toegepast worden door de gebruiker door bijvoorbeeld in te zoomen in de pagina.


     Officiële syntax: auto | crisp-edges | pixelated
    image-rendering: auto
    image-rendering: crisp-edges
    image-rendering: pixelated


    Standaard waarde. De afbeelding wordt geschaald met een algoritme die de afbeelding maximaal optimaliseerd. Meestal zijn algoritmen die de kleuren "smoothen" acceptabel, zoals bilinieare interpolatie. Dit is bedoeld voor afbeeldingen zoals foto's. Sinds versie 1.9 (firefox 3.0) gebruikt Gecko bilinear resampling (hoge kwaliteit).
    The image must be scaled with an algorithm that preserves contrast and edges in the image, and which does not smooth colors or introduce blur to the image in the process. This is intended for images such as pixel art.
    When scaling the image up, the "nearest neighbor" or similar algorithm must be used, so that the image appears to be simply composed of very large pixels. When scaling down, this is the same as 'auto'.
    The values optimizeQuality and optimizeSpeed present in early draft (and coming from its SVG counterpart) are defined as synonyms for the auto value.


    /* applies to GIF and PNG images; avoids blurry edges */
    img[src$=".gif"], img[src$=".png"] {
                       image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges;         /* Firefox */
                       image-rendering:   -o-crisp-edges;         /* Opera */
                       image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast;/* Webkit (non-standard naming) */
                       image-rendering: crisp-edges;
                       -ms-interpolation-mode: nearest-neighbor;  /* IE (non-standard property) */
    div { 
            background: url(chessboard.gif) no-repeat 50% 50%;
            image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges;         /* Firefox */
            image-rendering:   -o-crisp-edges;         /* Opera */
            image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast;/* Webkit (non-standard naming) */
            image-rendering: crisp-edges;
            -ms-interpolation-mode: nearest-neighbor;  /* IE (non-standard property) */

    Live Examples

    image-rendering:optimizeQuality; -ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic;
    78%squares.gif 100%squares.gif 138%squares.gif downsizedhut.jpg upsizedblumen.jpg

    image-rendering:-moz-crisp-edges; image-rendering: -o-crisp-edges; image-rendering:-webkit-optimize-contrast; -ms-interpolation-mode:nearest-neighbor;
    78%squares.gif 100%squares.gif 138%squares.gif downsizedhut.jpg upsizedblumen.jpg


    Specification Status Comment
    CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 4
    The definition of 'image-rendering' in that specification.
    Working Draft  

    Though initially close from the SVG image-rendering property, the values are quite different now.

    Browser compatibility

    Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
    Basic support (auto) (Yes) 3.6 (1.9.2) Not supported [1] 11.60 6533.21.1, r86920
    crisp-edges (Yes) with the non-standard name -webkit-optimize-contrast 3.6 (1.9.2)-moz Not supported 11.60-o 6533.21.1, r86920 with the non-standard name -webkit-optimize-contrast
    pixelated Not supported Not supported Not supported Not supported Not supported
    optimizeQuality, optimizeSpeed Not supported 3.6 (1.9.2) Not supported 11.60 6533.21.1, r86920
    Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
    Basic support ? ? ? ? ?


    [1] Internet Explorer 7 and latersupports the non-standard -ms-interpolation-mode property with two values (bicubic and nearest-neighbor):

    • applies only to images (JPG, GIF, PNG, ...)
    • in IE7 only for images without transparency
    • does not inherit
    • default value IE7: nearest-neighbor (low quality)
    • default value IE8+: bicubic (high quality)


    Canvas can provide a fallback solution for crisp-edge/optimize-contrast through manual imageData manipulation.

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