The image-rendering attribute provides a hint to the browser about how to make speed vs. quality tradeoffs as it performs image processing.

The resampling is always done in a truecolor (e.g., 24-bit) color space even if the original data and/or the target device is indexed color.

Note: As a presentation attribute, image-rendering can be used as a CSS property. See the CSS image-rendering property for more information.

You can use this attribute with the following SVG elements:

Usage notes

Value auto | optimizeSpeed | optimizeQuality
Default value auto
Animatable Yes

Indicates that the user agent shall make appropriate tradeoffs to balance speed and quality, but quality shall be given more importance than speed.


Indicates that the user agent shall emphasize rendering speed over quality.


Indicates that the user agent shall emphasize quality over rendering speed.


CSS Images Module Level 3
# the-image-rendering
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 2
# ImageRendering

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