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Questions about CSS

  1. document is a collection of information that is structured using a markup language.
  2. Use CSS to define styles for your documents, including the design, layout and variations to display for different devices and screen sizes. You can place your CSS in the <head> of a document with an embedded style sheet, or attach a separate file that defines your styles with an external style sheet. To link an external style sheet to your document, you'll simply add a link to the style sheet in the <head> of the document.
  3. When a browser displays a document, it must combine the document's content, with its style information. It processes the document in two stages:

  • The browser converts the markup language and the CSS, into the DOM (Document Object Model). The DOM represents the document held in the computer's memory. It combines the document's content with its style.

  • The browser displays the contents of the DOM.

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