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The -moz-user-modify property determines whether or not the content of an element can be edited by a user. This property is related to the contentEditable attribute. A similar property 'user-focus' was proposed in early drafts of a predecessor of css3-ui but was rejected by the working group.


-moz-user-modify: read-only | read-write | write-only


Default value. Contents are read-only.
The user is able to read and write contents.
The user is able to edit the content, but not to read it.


.readwrite {
  -moz-user-modify: read-write;
  -webkit-user-modify: read-write;

<div class="readwrite">The user is able to change this text.</div>

Browser compatibility

Browser Version Support of
Internet Explorer --- ---
Firefox (Gecko) 1.0 (1.0) -moz-user-modify
Opera --- ---
Safari (WebKit) 3.0 (522) -webkit-user-modify [*]

[*] Also supported: -webkit-user-modify: read-write-plaintext-only (Richtext will be lost).
This property was called -khtml-user-modify in Safari 2.0.


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