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In Mozilla applications, -moz-user-input determines if an element will accept user input. A similar property 'user-focus' was proposed in early drafts of a predecessor of css3-ui but was rejected by the working group.

-moz-user-input was one of the proposals leading to the proposed CSS 3 user-input property, which has not yet reached Candidate Recommendation (call for implementations).

For elements that normally take user input, such as a textarea, the initial value of -moz-user-input is enabled.


-moz-user-input: none | enabled | disabled | inherit


The element does not respond to user input, and it does not become :active.
The element accepts user input. For textboxes, this is the default behavior.
The element does not accept user input. However, this is not the same as setting disabled to true, in that the element is drawn normally.


input.example {
  /* the user will be able to select the text, but not change it. */
  -moz-user-input: disabled;

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