Adjacent sibling combinator

ترکیب  (+) adjacent sibling combinator دو انتخابگر را از هم جدا می‌کند و زمانی تطابق انجام می‌شود که انتخابگر دوم بلافاصله بعد از انتخابگر اول آمده باشد و هر فرزند یک والد element باشند.

/* باشند img پارگراف‌هایی که بلافاصله بعد از */
img + p {
  font-style: bold;


former_element + target_element { style properties }



li:first-of-type + li {
  color: red;





Specification Status Comment
Selectors Level 4
The definition of 'next-sibling combinator' in that specification.
Working Draft Renames it the "next-sibling" combinator.
Selectors Level 3
The definition of 'Adjacent sibling combinator' in that specification.
CSS Level 2 (Revision 1)
The definition of 'Adjacent sibling selectors' in that specification.
Recommendation Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

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ChromeEdgeFirefoxInternet ExplorerOperaSafariAndroid webviewChrome for AndroidFirefox for AndroidOpera for AndroidSafari on iOSSamsung Internet
Adjacent sibling combinator (A + B)Chrome Full support 1Edge Full support 12Firefox Full support 1IE Full support 7
Full support 7
Notes Internet Explorer 7 doesn't update the style correctly when an element is dynamically placed before an element that matched the selector.
Notes In Internet Explorer 8, if an element is inserted dynamically by clicking on a link the first-child style isn't applied until the link loses focus.
Opera Full support 3.5Safari Full support 1WebView Android Full support ≤37Chrome Android Full support 18Firefox Android Full support 4Opera Android Full support 10.1Safari iOS Full support 1Samsung Internet Android Full support 1.0


Full support  
Full support
See implementation notes.
See implementation notes.

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