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box-ordinal-group Redirect 1

Warning: This is a property of the original CSS Flexible Box Layout Module standard which is being replaced by a new standard.

See Flexbox for more information.


The CSS box-ordinal-group property assigns the flexbox's child elements to an ordinal group. See Flexbox for more about the properties of flexbox elements.

Ordinal groups may be used in conjunction with the box-direction property to control the order in which the direct children of a box appear. When the computed box-direction is normal, a box will display its elements starting from the lowest numbered ordinal group and ensure that those elements appear to the left (for horizontal boxes) or at the top (for vertical boxes) of the container. Elements with the same ordinal group are flowed in the order they appear in the source document tree. In the reverse direction, the ordinal groups are examined in the same order, except the elements appear reversed.


box-ordinal-goup:        <number>     /* As specified */
-moz-box-ordinal-group:  <number>     /* Mozilla */
-webkit-ordinal-group:   <number>     /* WebKit */


Any positive integer. Intitial value is 1.


Flexible Box Layout Module (W3C Working Draft)

Note: The current state of this specification does not reflect Mozilla's or WebKit's implementation.

Old Flexible Box Layout Module

Note: WebKit and Mozilla's implementations reflect this version of the specification

See also

flexible boxes, box-orient, box-direction, box-pack

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