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    The text-decoration-style CSS property defines the style of the lines specified by text-decoration-line. The style applies to all lines, there is no way to define different style for each of the line defined by text-decoration-line.

    If the specified decoration has a specific semantic meaning, like a line-through line meaning that some text has been deleted, authors are encouraged to denote this meaning using an HTML tag, like <del> or <s>. As browsers can disabled styling in some cases, the semantic meaning won't disappear in such a situation.


    Formal syntax: solid | double | dotted | dashed | wavy
    text-decoration-style: solid
    text-decoration-style: double
    text-decoration-style: dotted
    text-decoration-style: dashed
    text-decoration-style: wavy
    text-decoration-style: inherit


    solid double dotted dashed wavy
    Is one of the following keywords :
    Keyword Description Comment
    solid Draws a single line  
    double Draws a double line  
    dotted Draws a dotted line  
    dashed Draws a dashed line  
    wavy Draws a wavy line  
    -moz-none Do not draw a line Do not use : use text-decoration-line: none instead
    Is a keyword indicating to reuse the value calculated on the parent element.


    .example { 
        text-decoration-line: underline;
        text-decoration-style: wavy;
        text-decoration-color: red;
    <p class="example">This is how it looks.</p>


    Specification Status Comment
    CSS Text-decoration Level 3
    The definition of 'text-decoration-style' in that specification.
    Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

    Browser compatibility

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    Feature Firefox (Gecko) Chrome Internet Explorer Opera Safari
    Basic support 6.0 (6.0)--moz 24.0 --webkit Not supported 15.0 --webkit Not supported
    wavy 6.0 (6.0)--moz 30.0  Not supported   Not supported
    Feature Android Chrome for Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
    Basic support (Yes) 24.0 --webkit 6.0 (6.0)--moz Not supported 15.0 --webkit Not supported

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