Cookbook template

Note: This is a template page for a CSS Cookbook page. Please use this as a raw template when you create a new cookbook page. Comment in italics are information about how to use part of the template.

Description of the problem this recipe solves or the pattern you are demonstrating.


What does this pattern need to include, or what problems does it need to solve? List that here.


Change the path to the example below to point to your merged example. The last parameter is the live example height, which you can change as needed.

Change the link to point to your merged download version.

Download the example

Choices made

Explain your decisions when creating the pattern. Why did you choose a certain method? If you want to add an additional example here — for example a version with fallbacks, please do. This section is deliberately loose as patterns range from the very simple to more complex.

Useful fallbacks or alternative methods

If there are useful alternative methods for building the recipe, or fallback recipes to use if you have to support non-supporting browsers, include them in separate sections down here.

Accessibility concerns

Include this is there are any specific things to watch out for in regard to accessibility. If not relevant for your pattern this can be omitted.

Browser compatibility

List the key properties you used in the browser-compat frontmatter metadata key. Then use the {{Compat}} macro in this section to automatically generate a compatibility table for the listed properties.

See also

  • Links of link of related properties: example-property
  • Links to article showing how to use the property in context: "Using … article"
  • Very good external links. Don't be afraid of external links, but they should be outstanding, and not only mention minor details.