grid-templateCSS屬性是一個速記屬性,用於定義{{詞彙表(“網格列”,“網格列”)}},{{詞彙表(“網格行”,“行”)}},和{{詞彙表(“格狀區“,” area“)}}。

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作者可以為長期屬性設置值:{{cssxref(“ grid-template-rows”)}},{{cssxref(“ grid-template-columns”)}}和{{cssxref(“ grid-template-areas “)}}。


/* Keyword value */
grid-template: none;

/* grid-template-rows / grid-template-columns values */
grid-template: 100px 1fr / 50px 1fr;
grid-template: auto 1fr / auto 1fr auto;
grid-template: [linename] 100px / [columnname1] 30% [columnname2] 70%;
grid-template: fit-content(100px) / fit-content(40%);

/* grid-template-areas grid-template-rows / grid-template-column values */
grid-template: "a a a"
               "b b b";
grid-template: "a a a" 20%
               "b b b" auto;
grid-template: [header-top] "a a a"     [header-bottom]
                 [main-top] "b b b" 1fr [main-bottom]
                            / auto 1fr auto;

/* Global values */
grid-template: inherit;
grid-template: initial;
grid-template: unset;


是將所有三個長期屬性設置為的關鍵字none,表示沒有顯式網格。沒有命名的網格區域。行和列將隱式生成;它們的大小將由{{cssxref(“ grid-auto-rows”)}}和{{cssxref(“ grid-auto-columns”)}}屬性確定。
<'grid-template-rows'> / <'grid-template-columns'>
將{{cssxref(“ grid-template-rows”)}}和{{cssxref(“ grid-template-columns”)}}設置為指定值,並設置{{cssxref(“ grid-template-areas”)} }至none
[ <line-names>? <string> <track-size>? <line-names>? ]+ [ / <explicit-track-list> ]?
Sets {{cssxref("grid-template-areas")}} to the strings listed, {{cssxref("grid-template-rows")}} to the track sizes following each string (filling in auto for any missing sizes), and splicing in the named lines defined before/after each size, and {{cssxref("grid-template-columns")}} to the track listing specified after the slash (or none, if not specified).

Note: The {{cssxref("repeat")}} function isn’t allowed in these track listings, as the tracks are intended to visually line up one-to-one with the rows/columns in the “ASCII art”.

Note: The {{cssxref("grid")}} shorthand accepts the same syntax, but also resets the implicit grid properties to their initial values. Use grid (as opposed to grid-template) to prevent these values from cascading in seperately.

Formal syntax




#page {
  display: grid;
  width: 100%;
  height: 200px;
  grid-template: [header-left] "head head" 30px [header-right]
                 [main-left]   "nav  main" 1fr  [main-right]
                 [footer-left] "nav  foot" 30px [footer-right]
                 / 120px 1fr;

header {
  background-color: lime;
  grid-area: head;

nav {
  background-color: lightblue;
  grid-area: nav;

main {
  background-color: yellow;
  grid-area: main;

footer {
  background-color: red;
  grid-area: foot;


<section id="page">
  <main>Main area</main>


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Specification Status Comment
{{SpecName("CSS3 Grid", "#propdef-grid-template", "grid-template")}} {{Spec2("CSS3 Grid")}} Initial definition


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