The legacy Iterator protocol

Warning: The legacy iterator protocol was a SpiderMonkey-specific feature, which is removed in Firefox 58+. For future-facing usages, consider using for...of loops and the iterator protocol.

The deprecated Firefox-only iterator protocol

Firefox, prior to version 26 implemented another iterator protocol that is similar to the standard ES2015 Iterator protocol.

An object is an legacy iterator when it implements a next() method with the following semantics, and throws StopIteration at the end of iteration.

Property Value
next A zero arguments function that returns an value.

Difference between legacy and ES2015 iterator protocols

  • The value was returned directly as a return value of calls to next, instead of the value property of a placeholder object
  • Iteration termination was expressed by throwing a StopIteration object.

Simple example with the old protocol

function makeIterator(array) {
  let nextIndex = 0;

  return {
    next() {
      if (nextIndex < array.length) {
        return array[nextIndex++];
      } else {
        throw new StopIteration();

const it = makeIterator(['yo', 'ya']);

console.log(; // 'yo'
console.log(; // 'ya'
try {
} catch (e) {
  if (e instanceof StopIteration) {
    // iteration over

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