The GeneratorFunction object provides methods for generator functions. In JavaScript, every generator function is actually a GeneratorFunction object.

Note that GeneratorFunction is not a global object. It can be obtained with the following code:

const GeneratorFunction = function* () {}.constructor;

GeneratorFunction is a subclass of Function.

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Creates a new GeneratorFunction object.

Instance properties

Also inherits instance properties from its parent Function.

These properties are defined on GeneratorFunction.prototype and shared by all GeneratorFunction instances.


The constructor function that created the instance object. For GeneratorFunction instances, the initial value is the GeneratorFunction constructor.


All generator functions share the same prototype property, which is Generator.prototype. Each generator function instance also has its own prototype property. When the generator function is called, the returned generator object inherits from the generator function's prototype property, which in turn inherits from GeneratorFunction.prototype.prototype.


The initial value of the @@toStringTag property is the string "GeneratorFunction". This property is used in Object.prototype.toString().

Instance methods

Inherits instance methods from its parent Function.


ECMAScript Language Specification
# sec-generatorfunction-objects

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