The trimEnd() method removes whitespace from the end of a string and returns a new string, without modifying the original string. trimRight() is an alias of this method.

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Return value

A new string representing str stripped of whitespace from its end (right side). Whitespace is defined as white space characters plus line terminators.

If the end of str has no whitespace, a new string is still returned (essentially a copy of str).


After trim() was standardized, engines also implemented the non-standard method trimRight. However, for consistency with padEnd(), when the method got standardized, its name was chosen as trimEnd. For web compatibility reasons, trimRight remains as an alias to trimEnd, and they refer to the exact same function object. In some engines this means: === "trimEnd";


Using trimEnd()

The following example trims whitespace from the end of str, but not from its start.

let str = "   foo  ";

console.log(str.length); // 8

str = str.trimEnd();
console.log(str.length); // 6
console.log(str); // '   foo'


ECMAScript Language Specification
# sec-string.prototype.trimend

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