Veraltete und abgeschaffte Features

Diese Seite listet die Features JavaScriptes auf, die veraltet sind( das bedeutet, dass noch benutzbar, aber Entfernung geplant) und abgeschafft sind( das bedeutet: nicht länger benutzbar).

Veraltete Features

Diese veralteten Features können noch benutzt werden, aber sollten mit Vorsicht benutzt werden, da erwartet wird, dass sie in Futura endgültig abgeschafft werden. Man sollte daran arbeiten, sie von seinem Code zu entfernen.


The following properties are deprecated. This does not affect their use in replacement strings:

Property Description
$1-$9 (en-US)

Parenthesized substring matches, if any.
Warning: Using these properties can result in problems, since browser extensions can modify them. Avoid them!

$_ See input.
$* (en-US) See multiline.
$& (en-US) See lastMatch.
$+ (en-US) See lastParen.
$` (en-US) See leftContext.
$' (en-US) See rightContext.
input The string against which a regular expression is matched.
lastMatch (en-US) The last matched characters.
lastParen (en-US) The last parenthesized substring match, if any.
leftContext (en-US) The substring preceding the most recent match.
rightContext (en-US) The substring following the most recent match.

The following are now properties of RegExp instances, no longer of the RegExp object:

Property Description
global (en-US) Whether or not to test the regular expression against all possible matches in a string, or only against the first.
ignoreCase (en-US) Whether or not to ignore case while attempting a match in a string.
lastIndex (en-US) The index at which to start the next match.
multiline (en-US) Whether or not to search in strings across multiple lines.
source (en-US) The text of the pattern.

RegExp methods

Function properties

  • The caller and arguments properties are deprecated, because they leak the function caller. Instead of the arguments property, you should use the arguments object inside function closures.

Legacy generator


Object methods

Date methods




Escape sequences

String methods

Obsolete features

These obsolete features have been entirely removed from JavaScript and can no longer be used as of the indicated version of JavaScript.


Property Description
__count__ Returns the number of enumerable properties directly on a user-defined object.
__parent__ Points to an object's context.
Object.prototype.eval() Evaluates a string of JavaScript code in the context of the specified object.
Object.observe() Asynchronously observing the changes to an object.
Object.unobserve() Remove observers.
Object.getNotifier() Creates an object that allows to synthetically trigger a change.


Property Description
arity Number of formal arguments.


Property Description
Array.observe() Asynchronously observing changes to Arrays.
Array.unobserve() Remove observers.





See E4X for more information.

Sharp variables

See Sharp variables in JavaScript for more information.