WebGL2RenderingContext: uniform[1234][uif][v]() method

The WebGL2RenderingContext.uniform[1234][uif][v]() methods of the WebGL API specify values of uniform variables.

Note: ui stands for unsigned integer, i for integer, f for float, and v for vector. Not all combinations are valid: u cannot be combined with f. See the syntax table below. Equivalent Regex: uniform[1234](u?i|f)v?


uniform1ui(location, v0)
uniform2ui(location, v0, v1)
uniform3ui(location, v0, v1, v2)
uniform4ui(location, v0, v1, v2, v3)

uniform1fv(location, data)
uniform1fv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform1fv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform2fv(location, data)
uniform2fv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform2fv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform3fv(location, data)
uniform3fv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform3fv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform4fv(location, data)
uniform4fv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform4fv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform1iv(location, data)
uniform1iv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform1iv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform2iv(location, data)
uniform2iv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform2iv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform3iv(location, data)
uniform3iv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform3iv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform4iv(location, data)
uniform4iv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform4iv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform1uiv(location, data)
uniform1uiv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform1uiv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform2uiv(location, data)
uniform2uiv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform2uiv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform3uiv(location, data)
uniform3uiv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform3uiv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)

uniform4uiv(location, data)
uniform4uiv(location, data, srcOffset)
uniform4uiv(location, data, srcOffset, srcLength)



A WebGLUniformLocation object containing the location of the uniform attribute to modify.

data, v0, v1, v2, v3

A new value to be used for the uniform variable. Possible types:

  • A Number for unsigned integer values (methods with ui), for integer values (methods with i), or for floats (methods with f).
  • A Uint32Array for unsigned integer vector methods (methods with uiv).

Return value

None (undefined).


WebGL 2.0 Specification
# 3.7.8

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