The WebGLTexture interface is part of the WebGL API and represents an opaque texture object providing storage and state for texturing operations.

WebGLObject WebGLTexture

WebGL textures

The WebGLTexture object does not define any methods or properties of its own and its content is not directly accessible. When working with WebGLTexture objects, the following methods of the WebGLRenderingContext are useful:

See also the WebGL tutorial on Using textures in WebGL.

WebXR opaque textures

When using WebXR layers, the XRWebGLBinding object will return instances of an opaque WebGLTexture for the color and depth/stencil attachments.

WebXR methods that return opaque WebGLTexture objects:

The WebXR opaque texture is identical to the standard WebGLTexture with the following exceptions:


Creating a texture

const canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");
const gl = canvas.getContext("webgl");
const texture = gl.createTexture();


WebGL Specification
# 5.9

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