RangeError: Invalid code point {0} (Edge)
RangeError: {0} is not a valid code point (Firefox)
RangeError: Invalid code point {0} (Chrome)


Error type


What went wrong?

The String.fromCodePoint() method accepts valid code points only.

A code point is a value in the Unicode codespace; that is, the range of integers from 0 to 0x10FFFF.

Using NaN values, negative Integers (-1), non-Integers (3.14), or values larger than 0x10FFFF (1114111) won't work with this method.


Invalid cases

String.fromCodePoint('_');      // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(Infinity); // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(-1);       // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(3.14);     // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(3e-2);     // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(NaN);      // RangeError

Valid cases

String.fromCodePoint(42);       // "*"
String.fromCodePoint(65, 90);   // "AZ"
String.fromCodePoint(0x404);    // "\u0404"
String.fromCodePoint(0x2F804);  // "\uD87E\uDC04"
String.fromCodePoint(194564);   // "\uD87E\uDC04"
String.fromCodePoint(0x1D306, 0x61, 0x1D307) // "\uD834\uDF06a\uD834\uDF07"

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