The WebGLRenderingContext.getContextAttributes() method returns a WebGLContextAttributes object that contains the actual context parameters. Might return null, if the context is lost.



Return value

A WebGLContextAttributes object that contains the actual context parameters, or null if the context is lost.


Given this <canvas> element

<canvas id="canvas"></canvas>

and given this WebGL context

var canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');
var gl = canvas.getContext('webgl');

the getContextAttributes method returns an object that describes the attributes set on this context, for example:

  alpha: true,
  antialias: true,
  depth: true,
  failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat: false,
  powerPreference: "default",
  premultipliedAlpha: true,
  preserveDrawingBuffer: false,
  stencil: false,
  desynchronized: false

The context attributes can be set when creating the context using the HTMLCanvasElement.getContext() method:

                 { antialias: false,
                   depth: false });

See getContext() for more information about the individual attributes.


Specification Status Comment
WebGL 1.0
The definition of 'WebGLRenderingContext.getContextAttributes' in that specification.
Recommendation Initial definition.

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