WebGLRenderingContext: getUniform() method

The WebGLRenderingContext.getUniform() method of the WebGL API returns the value of a uniform variable at a given location.


getUniform(program, location)



A WebGLProgram containing the uniform attribute.


A WebGLUniformLocation object containing the location of the uniform attribute to get.

Return value

The returned type depends on the uniform type:

Uniform type Returned type
WebGL 1 only
boolean GLBoolean
int GLint
float GLfloat
vec2 Float32Array (with 2 elements)
ivec2 Int32Array (with 2 elements)
bvec2 Array of GLBoolean (with 2 elements)
vec3 Float32Array (with 3 elements)
ivec3 Int32Array (with 3 elements)
bvec3 Array of GLBoolean (with 3 elements)
vec4 Float32Array (with 4 elements)
ivec4 Int32Array (with 4 elements)
bvec4 Array of GLBoolean (with 4 elements)
mat2 Float32Array (with 4 elements)
mat3 Float32Array (with 9 elements)
mat4 Float32Array (with 16 elements)
sampler2D GLint
samplerCube GLint
Additionally available in WebGL 2
uint GLuint
uvec2 Uint32Array (with 2 elements)
uvec3 Uint32Array (with 3 elements)
uvec4 Uint32Array (with 4 elements)
mat2x3 Float32Array (with 6 elements)
mat2x4 Float32Array (with 8 elements)
mat3x2 Float32Array (with 6 elements)
mat3x4 Float32Array (with 12 elements)
mat4x2 Float32Array (with 8 elements)
mat4x3 Float32Array (with 12 elements)
any sampler type GLint


const loc = gl.getUniformLocation(program, "u_foobar");
gl.getUniform(program, loc);


WebGL Specification
# 5.14.10
WebGL 2.0 Specification
# 3.7.8

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