The WebGLRenderingContext.getVertexAttrib() method of the WebGL API returns information about a vertex attribute at a given position.


any gl.getVertexAttrib(index, pname);


A GLuint specifying the index of the vertex attribute.
A GLenum specifying the information to query. Possible values:
  • gl.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING: Returns the currently bound WebGLBuffer.
  • gl.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_ENABLED: Returns a GLboolean that is true if the vertex attribute is enabled at this index. Otherwise false.
  • gl.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_SIZE: Returns a GLint indicating the size of an element of the vertex array.
  • gl.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_STRIDE: Returns a GLint indicating the number of bytes between successive elements in the array. 0 means that the elements are sequential.
  • gl.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_TYPE: Returns a GLenum representing the array type. One of
    • gl.BYTE,
    • gl.SHORT,
    • gl.FLOAT.
  • gl.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_NORMALIZED: Returns a GLboolean that is true if fixed-point data types are normalized for the vertex attribute array at the given index.
  • gl.CURRENT_VERTEX_ATTRIB: Returns a Float32Array (with 4 elements) representing the current value of the vertex attribute at the given index.
  • When using a WebGL 2 context, the following values are available additionally:
    • gl.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_INTEGER: Returns a GLboolean indicating whether or not an integer data type is in the vertex attribute array at the given index.
    • gl.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_DIVISOR: Returns a GLint describing the frequency divisor used for instanced rendering.
  • When using the ANGLE_instanced_arrays extension:
    • ext.VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_DIVISOR_ANGLE: Returns a GLint describing the frequency divisor used for instanced rendering.

Return value

Returns the requested vertex attribute information (as specified with pname).




WebGL Specification (WebGL)
# 5.14.10
WebGL 2.0 Specification (WebGL 2.0)
# 3.7.8

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