Zwraca obiekt Window dla zawartości głównego okna. This is useful in XUL windows that have a <browser> (or tabbrowser or <iframe>) with type="content-primary" attribute on it - the most famous example is Firefox main window, browser.xul. In such cases, content returns a reference to the Window object for the document currently displayed in the browser. It is a shortcut for browserRef.contentWindow.

In unprivileged content (webpages), content is normally equivalent to top (except in the case of a webpage loaded in a sidebar, content still refers to the Window of the currently selected tab).

Some examples use _content instead of content. The former has been deprecated for a long time, and you should use content in the new code.


var windowObject = window.content;


Executing the following code in a chrome XUL window with a <browser type="content-primary"/> element in it draws a red border around the first div on the page currently displayed in the browser:

content.document.getElementsByTagName("div")[0].style.border = "solid red 1px";


Nie jest częścią żadnej specyfikacji.

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