The Window.close() method closes the current window, or the window on which it was called.

This method can only be called on windows that were opened by a script using the method. If the window was not opened by a script, an error similar to this one appears in the console: Scripts may not close windows that were not opened by script.

Note also that close() has no effect when called on Window objects returned by HTMLIFrameElement.contentWindow.




Closing a window opened with

This example shows a method which opens a window and a second one which closes the window; this demonstrates how to use Window.close() to close a window opened by calling

//Global var to store a reference to the opened window
var openedWindow;

function openWindow() {
  openedWindow ='moreinfo.htm');

function closeOpenedWindow() {


HTML Standard (HTML)
# dom-window-close-dev

Browser compatibility

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