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The LaunchQueue interface of the Launch Handler API is available via the Window.launchQueue property. When a progressive web app (PWA) is launched with a launch_handler client_mode value of focus-existing, navigate-new, or navigate-existing, LaunchQueue provides access to functionality that allows custom launch navigation handling to be implemented in the PWA. This functionality is controlled by the properties of the LaunchParams object passed into the setConsumer() callback function.

Instance Methods

setConsumer() Experimental

Contains a callback function that handles custom launch navigation for a PWA.


if ("launchQueue" in window) {
  window.launchQueue.setConsumer((launchParams) => {
    if (launchParams.targetURL) {
      const params = new URL(launchParams.targetURL).searchParams;

      // Assuming a music player app that gets a track passed to it to be played
      const track = params.get("track");
      if (track) {
        audio.src = track;
        title.textContent = new URL(track).pathname.substr(1);;


Web App Launch Handler API
# launchqueue-interface

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