HTMLMediaElement: seeking event

The seeking event is fired when a seek operation starts, meaning the Boolean seeking attribute has changed to true and the media is seeking a new position.

Bubbles No
Cancelable No
Interface Event
Target Element
Default Action None
Event handler property GlobalEventHandlers.onseeking


These examples add an event listener for the HTMLMediaElement's seeking event, then post a message when that event handler has reacted to the event firing.

Using addEventListener():

const video = document.querySelector('video');

video.addEventListener('seeking', (event) => {
  console.log('Video is seeking a new position.');

Using the onseeking event handler property:

const video = document.querySelector('video');

video.onseeking = (event) => {
  console.log('Video is seeking a new position.');


HTML Standard (HTML)
# event-media-seeking

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