HTMLInputElement: select event

The select event fires when some text has been selected.


Use the event name in methods like addEventListener(), or set an event handler property.

addEventListener('select', (event) => {});

onselect = (event) => { };

Event type

A generic Event.


Selection logger

<input value="Try selecting some text in this element." />
<p id="log"></p>
function logSelection(event) {
  const log = document.getElementById('log');
  const selection =,;
  log.textContent = `You selected: ${selection}`;

const input = document.querySelector('input');
input.addEventListener('select', logSelection);

onselect equivalent

You can also set up the event handler using the onselect property:

input.onselect = logSelection;


HTML Standard
# event-select
HTML Standard
# handler-onselect

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