Window: launchQueue property

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The launchQueue read-only property of the Window interface provides access to the LaunchQueue class, which allows custom launch navigation handling to be implemented in a progressive web app (PWA), with the handling context signified by the launch_handler manifest field client_mode value.

The custom launch navigation handling functionality is controlled by the properties of the LaunchParams object passed into the LaunchQueue.setConsumer() callback function.


A LaunchQueue object instance.


if ("launchQueue" in window) {
  window.launchQueue.setConsumer((launchParams) => {
    if (launchParams.targetURL) {
      const params = new URL(launchParams.targetURL).searchParams;

      // Assuming a music player app that gets a track passed to it to be played
      const track = params.get("track");
      if (track) {
        audio.src = track;
        title.textContent = new URL(track).pathname.substring(1);;


Web App Launch Handler API
# launchqueue-interface

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