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    The Document Object Model (DOM) is an API defined by the W3C to represent and interact with any HTML or XML document. The DOM is a model of an HTML or XML document that is loaded in a web browser. It represents a document as a tree of nodes, where each node represents a portion of the document, such as an element, a portion of text or a comment.

    The DOM is one of the most used APIs on the web because it allows code running in a web browser to access and interact with every node in the document.  Nodes can be created, moved and changed. Event listeners can be added to nodes. Once a given event occurs all of its event listeners are triggered.

    The early versions of the DOM were not specified and came from the first browsers implementing JavaScript. This legacy DOM is sometime refered as DOM 0. Today, the DOM specification is lead by the W3C and the DOM Working Group is currently working on the fourth version of the DOM specification.

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