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    Width (in pixels) of the browser window viewport including, if rendered, the vertical scrollbar.

    Note: If you use nsIDOMWindowUtils.setCSSViewport() to set the virtual window size for page layout purposes, the value returned by this property corresponds to the viewport width set using that method.


    var intViewportWidth = window.innerWidth;


    intViewportWidth stores the window.innerWidth property value.

    The window.innerWidth property is read only; it has no default value.


    The innerWidth property is supported in any window object like a window, a frame, a frameset, or a secondary window.

    There is an algorithm to obtain the width of the viewport excluding, if rendered, the vertical scrollbar.


    // This will return the width of the viewport
    var intFrameWidth = window.innerWidth;
    // This will return the width of the frame viewport within a frameset
    var intFrameWidth = self.innerWidth;
    // This will return the width of the viewport of the closest frameset
    var intFramesetWidth = parent.innerWidth;
    // This will return the width of the viewport of the outermost frameset
    var intOuterFramesetWidth = top.innerWidth;

    To change the size of a window, see window.resizeBy and window.resizeTo.

    Standards information

    DOM Level 0. Not part of any W3C technical specification or recommendation.

    Browser compatibility

    Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
    Basic support 1 1.0 (1.7 or earlier) 9 9 3
    Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
    Basic support 1 1.0 (1.0) 9 9 3

    Gecko note

    Since Firefox 4 to Firefox 24, this property was buggy and could give a wrong value before page load on certain circumstances, see bug 641188.

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