The DOMPointReadOnly interface specifies the coordinate and perspective fields used by DOMPoint to define a 2D or 3D point in a coordinate system.

Note: This feature is available in Web Workers

There are two ways to create a new DOMPointReadOnly instance. First, you can use its constructor, passing in the values of the parameters for each dimension and, optionally, the perspective:

/* 2D */
const point = new DOMPointReadOnly(50, 50);

/* 3D */
const point = new DOMPointReadOnly(50, 50, 25);

/* 3D with perspective */
const point = new DOMPointReadOnly(100, 100, 100, 1.0);

The other option is to use the static DOMPointReadOnly.fromPoint() method:

const point = DOMPointReadOnly.fromPoint({x: 100, y: 100, z: 50; w: 1.0});


Creates a new DOMPointReadOnly object given the values of its coordinates and perspective. To create a point using aDOMPointInit object, you can instead use DOMPointReadOnly.fromPoint().


DOMPointReadOnly.x Read only
The point's horizontal coordinate, x.
DOMPointReadOnly.y Read only
The point's vertical coordinate, y.
DOMPointReadOnly.z Read only
The point's depth coordinate, z.
DOMPointReadOnly.w Read only
The point's perspective value, w.

Static methods

A static method that creates a new DOMPointReadOnly object given the coordinates provided in the specified DOMPointInit object.


Applies a matrix transform specified as a DOMMatrixInit object to the DOMPointReadOnly object.
Returns a JSON representation of the DOMPointReadOnly object.


Geometry Interfaces Module Level 1 (Geometry Interfaces 1)
# DOMPoint

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