The ProcessingInstruction interface represents a processing instruction; that is, a Node which embeds an instruction targeting a specific application but that can be ignored by any other applications which don't recognize the instruction.

Warning: ProcessingInstruction nodes are only supported in XML documents, not in HTML documents. In these, a process instruction will be considered as a comment and be represented as a Comment object in the tree.

A processing instruction may be different than the XML declaration.

Note: User-defined processing instructions cannot begin with "xml", as xml-prefixed processing-instruction target names are reserved by the XML specification for particular, standard uses (see, for example, <?xml-stylesheet ?>.

For example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

is a processing instruction whose target is xml.

EventTarget Node CharacterData ProcessingInstruction


This interface also inherits properties from its parent interfaces, CharacterData, Node, and EventTarget. Read only

A name identifying the application to which the instruction is targeted.


This interface doesn't have any specific method, but inherits methods from its parent interfaces, CharacterData, Node, and EventTarget.


DOM Standard
# interface-processinginstruction

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