La propiedad CSS de text-emphasis, es una propiedad abreviada para establecer los valores de text-empahasis-style y text-emphasis-color, en una sola declaración.

Esta propiedad aplicara el énfasis a cada carácter especificado en el texto del elemento, a excepción de caracteres separados como espacios y caracteres de control .

/* Valor Inicial */
text-emphasis: none; /* No emphasis marks */

/* <string> valor */
text-emphasis: "x";
text-emphasis: "点";
text-emphasis: "\25B2";
text-emphasis: "*" #555;
text-emphasis: "foo"; /* Should NOT use. It may be computed to or rendered as 'f' only */

/* Valor de la Palabra Clave */
text-emphasis: filled;
text-emphasis: open;
text-emphasis: filled sesame;
text-emphasis: open sesame;

/* Valor de la Palabra clave combinada con un color */
text-emphasis: filled sesame #555;

/* Valores Globales */
text-emphasis: inherit;
text-emphasis: initial;
text-emphasis: unset;

La propiedad text-emphasis es diferente a la propiedad text-decoration.

Text-decoration no hereda y la decoración se aplica atreves de todo el elemento. Sin embargo, la propiedad test-emphasis si hereda, lo que significa que es posible cambiar el énfasis para los descendientes.

The size of the emphasis symbol, like ruby symbols, is about 50% of the size of the font, and text-emphasis may affect line height when the current leading is not enough for the marks.

Nota: text-emphasis doesn't reset the value of text-emphasis-position. This is because if the style and the color of emphasis marks may vary in a text, it is extremely unlikely that their position will. In the very rare cases when this is needed, the property text-emphasis-position.

Valor inicialas each of the properties of the shorthand:
Applies toall elements
Valor calculadoas each of the properties of the shorthand:
Animation typeas each of the properties of the shorthand:




No emphasis marks.


The shape is filled with solid color. If neither filled nor open is present, this is the default.


The shape is hollow.


Display small circles as marks. The filled dot is '•' (U+2022), and the open dot is '◦' (U+25E6).


Display large circles as marks. The filled circle is '●' (U+25CF), and the open circle is '○' (U+25CB). This is the default shape in horizontal writing modes when no other shape is given.


Display double circles as marks. The filled double-circle is '◉' (U+25C9), and the open double-circle is '◎' (U+25CE).


Display triangles as marks. The filled triangle is '▲' (U+25B2), and the open triangle is '△' (U+25B3).


Display sesames as marks. The filled sesame is '﹅' (U+FE45), and the open sesame is '﹆' (U+FE46). This is the default shape in vertical writing modes when no other shape is given.


Display the given string as marks. Authors should not specify more than one character in <string>. The UA may truncate or ignore strings consisting of more than one grapheme cluster.


Defines the color of the mark. If no color is present, it defaults to currentColor.

Formal syntax

text-emphasis = 
<'text-emphasis-style'> ||

<text-emphasis-style> =
none |
[ [ filled | open ] || [ dot | circle | double-circle | triangle | sesame ] ] |

<text-emphasis-color> =


A heading with emphasis shape and color

This example draws a heading with triangles used to emphasize each character.


h2 {
  text-emphasis: triangle #d55;


<h2>This is important!</h2>



CSS Text Decoration Module Level 3
# text-emphasis-property

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