A breadcrumb, or breadcrumb trail, is a navigational aid that is typically placed between a site's header and the main content, displaying either a hierarchy of the current page in relation to the site's structure, from top level to current page, or a list of the links the user followed to get to the current page, in the order visited.

A location breadcrumb for this document might look something like this:

MDN > Glossary > Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb trails enable users to be aware of their location within a website. This type of navigation, if done correctly, helps users know where they are in a site and how they got there. They can also help a user get back to where they were before and can reduce the number of clicks needed to get to a higher-level page.

Note: While there's no dedicated semantic HTML element for breadcrumb navigation menus, the <ol> element is commonly used to represent their hierarchical structure.

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