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Window.self 読み取り専用プロパティは、WindowProxy のように、ウィンドウ自身を返します。 It can be used with dot notation on a window object (that is, window.self) or standalone (self). The advantage of the standalone notation is that a similar notation exists for non-window contexts, such as in Web Workers. By using self, you can refer to the global scope in a way that will work not only in a window context (self will resolve to window.self) but also in a worker context (self will then resolve to WorkerGlobalScope.self).


var w = window.self;  // w === window

Uses of window.self like the following could just as well be replaced by window.

if (window.parent.frames[0] != window.self) {
  // このウィンドウは、一覧における一番最初のフレームではありません。

Furthermore, when executing in the active document of a browsing context, window is a reference to the current global object and thus all of the following are equivalent:


仕様 状態 コメント
WHATWG HTML Living Standard
Window.self の定義
現行の標準 最新のスナップショット HTML5.1 からの変更なし
Window.self の定義
草案 HTML5 からの変更なし
Window.self の定義
勧告 Window.self の定義を含む最初のスナップショット


機能 Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
基本サポート (有) (有) (有) (有) (有)
機能 Android Chrome for Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
基本サポート (有) (有) (有) (有) (有) (有)



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