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  • Firefox OS, Animations, & the Dark Cubic-Bezier of the Soul

    I’ve been using Firefox OS daily for a couple of years now (wow, time flies!). While performance has steadily improved with efforts like Project Silk, I’ve often noticed delays in the user interface. I assumed the delays were because the hardware was well below the “flagship” hardware I’ve become accustomed ...

  • ES6 In Depth: An Introduction

    Welcome to ES6 In Depth! In this new weekly series, we’ll be exploring ECMAScript 6, the upcoming new edition of the JavaScript language. ES6 contains many new language features that will make JS more powerful and expressive, and we’ll visit them one by one in weeks to come. But before ...

  • Easier in-app payments with fxpay

    For developers building web applications on Firefox OS or Firefox Desktop, supporting payments is easy with Mozilla’s fxpay library. In addition to accepting credit cards, Mozilla’s payment system lets users charge purchases directly to their phone bill in many countries—making it ideal for mobile commerce. Since our first introduction to ...

  • Network Activity and Battery Drain in Mobile Web Apps

    Editor’s note: This post describes the work of a group of students from Portland State University who worked with Mozilla on their senior project. Over the course of the last 6 months, they’ve worked with Mozillian Dietrich Ayala to create a JavaScript library that allows developers to optimize the usage ...

  • Creating a mobile app from a simple HTML site: Part 2

    Or: Making our simple app work for others In the first part of this series, which began late last year, we worked through the process of developing a school planner app. At this point (see the final code from Part 1) we’ve got multiple school plans displayed at once, and ...

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